Monday, August 20, 2012


I will not be modeling any clothes in my fashion posts.

My fashion posts are going to be about clothes that I would actually buy if I
  • could afford them
  • could fit into them
  • they looked great on me
*just because you fit into them doesn't mean they look great on you!

Right now I'm dealing a lot with bullet #1.  Bullets #2 and #3 have become much easier to deal with because I've lost some weight. Yay me!  Hence, the fashion blogging. I've always felt my taste was sophisticated, but how can you prove it when you wear a size 22?  Sure I always looked decent, but trust me, fatties, you will have so much more to choose from once you drop those el bees.

Like this:

This jacket sports a peplum, and while it's quite a charming piece, I would never have tried it on before.

Bright blue and dark green are really hot colors for fall:

Have you bought a pair of colored pants yet? Put that on the list for your next payday!

And I love that these are cords!

Dottie Trumpet Skirt
I'm really sweating this skirt. BIG BIG POLKA DOTS! Trumpet! A ruffle! Turquoise! So many girly details. The dots fit the fall trend, the color not so much, but I don't care because it'll be warm in NC until December anyway!!

Garance Dore Laura Top
A peter pan collar is trying to find it's way in to my closet.  I would buy this shirt if it was $10, and I'd wear it while chaperoning children to a musical.

and last, but not least:
some sexy sexy dresses

Mixed Materials Dress featuring leather

Wool Flannel Dress 
I don't think this follows any of the trends, but WOWZER! I need this in my closet, STAT! I love the structure of this dress, the pleats, the three-quarter length sleeves, the tiny little v-neck, and it's navy...I will be thinking about this all week.

What do you think about these pieces? Would you buy a pair of colored jeans? A top with a peplum?