Saturday, September 8, 2012

Partner Pizza Crust

I have one more trip to the beach planned before the end of 2012, and I am considering myself a very lucky  lady because I get to spend it in another beach house! whoop! whoop!  With my girlfriends!  Another whoop!

Back in June we had some family come to the crystal coast for a visit, and this included my Uncle Dennis and Uncle Steve.  We all stayed at a beach house and decided it would be fun to take turns making meals.  This post is about the pizza crust Dennis and Steve made.  It kicked ass.  Chewy AND crunchy.  Yum.

I decided I would give the recipe a special name because Dennis and Steve aren't just partners anymore.  They are married! 

They have shared a life together for the last twenty years, Steve took Dennis' last name last year, and on August 25, 2012, they were married.  We are all sooo happy that Steve is officially a part of our family.

Steve and Dennis

I was thinking about these two and how I missed out on the festivities, and it got me thinking about the beach vacay and this crust.  It's a must share.  I love pizza.  It's my favorite food.  I think you need lots of pizza crusts in your recipe files.  Options, ya know?

I was really excited to use up that Cattail Corn Meal!!


flour and corn meal

I prefer the dough hook instead of a fork.

greased bowl ready for rising

in this picture you can tell I need to add more dry mixture

two hours later...and you can REALLY tell!

Prepping my toppings.  I sauteed some onion and used this much fennel seed.

cornmeal on my stoneware

this is where I figured out I needed more flour

crust is spread out and docked to prevent air bubbles

mozzarella, pepperoni, and onions

a sprinkle of parmesan, romano, and asiago on top and it goes in the oven

this is what we will brush onto the crust as soon as the pizza is done: butter, garlic, and oregano

turned out great!

Partner Pizza Crust

Partner Pizza Crust
  • 1 packet of yeast
  • 1/2tsp salt
  • 1c warm water
  • 1tbsp honey
  • 1tbsp olive oil
  • a equal parts mixture of flour and corn meal
In a large mixing bowl, make yeast sponge with everything except dry mixture.  Give it 6 minutes or so to get spongy.  Mix corn meal and flour together.  Start adding in the dry mix to the sponge and mix it with a fork.  Keep adding it in until you have to mix with your hands.  The second the dough is no longer sticky and still very pliable, you know you're done adding the dry mix.  When you dough you know.  They didn't give me measurements.  Grease a glass bowl, plop the dough in, cover with dish towel and let rise for two hours.  Grease your preferred pan with olive oil and throw some corn meal on it.  Heat oven to 390 degrees.  When the dough is ready, turn it out onto your pan.  Spread it to desired shape and top with whatever you want.  Bake at 390 degrees for 15 minutes.

That is the official recipe, but here are my notes:
1.  I used that Cattail corn meal to get rid of it, and it was much finer than the Quaker corn meal.  I think the crust still tasted crunchy enough.
2.  I used my stand mixer and the dough hook, but if I had used my hands I would have been able to tell I needed more flour/corn meal mix.
3.  I tried to double the recipe.  I used two cups of flour and two cups of corn meal and added it initially to the sponge in one cup increments and then 1/2c increments.  I used 3 1/2 cups of the dry mixture, but I think I could have used it all. 
4.  Try sauteeing your veggies before you put them on the pizza.  If using fresh tomatoes, chop/slice them, and set them in a hand towel to get moisture out so you don't have soupy pizza.

Steve works for the nonprofit organization Minnesota AIDS Project and their mission is to stop HIV through prevention, advocacy, awareness and services.  Please contact them if you are interested in donating or volunteering.  I had a warm fuzzy moment myself this week when I donated the rest of my plus size clothing to the Women's Center of Wake County.

Have a great weekend!!

Source: Dennis & Steve, and I took that photo of them off of facebook--I don't know who the photographer is.