Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Post Halloween Retail Therapy

I didn't get to dress up my own little munchkin last week. Boo.

I am definitely leaning towards mommy hood. 

In the meantime, I'm going to buy myself some pretty things. 
Like these boots. 

And these purses.

I've had this adorable cross body in my Wish List on katespade.com since September 2011. I just happened to have a looksie, and saw the new sale price of $51. Hello! That's mine. It was originally $178. 

So my lesson in this is that I've learned to add things to my wish list and check it once in awhile. The item may be in stock again and at a super low price!

It's going to look sharp with those boots! Match made in heaven!

And then I also bought this darling shopper.

It was originally $198 and I got it for $104. Not much of a steal, but I had been wanting a shopper for awhile. And this one has a BOW!

Are these items too pricey for your budget?

Target has kate spade new york knockoffs! Did you know??

on the left is a design by Mossimo and on the right kate spade new york

and here's another

on the left, Mossimo, again and on the right is kate spade new york

Take note of the dimensions of the South Kensington Adair. That is one BIG clutch.

If you would like to spend some big bucks on a new handbag, I have a coupon code for your entire purchase, excluding watches, at katespade.com.

20% off your entire purchase, excluding watches
This code is available from 11-6-12 until 11-30-12 
hint: cyber monday is 11-26-12 and there may be additional sales on the site that day...

Have a great week!

*I bought the Chestnut Ridge Reid from katespade.com and it's now out of stock. Once items are out of stock on katespade.com, you can no longer search for them. This photo came from polyvore so that's why I linked back to the polyvore site.

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