Monday, September 2, 2013

Empties July and August 2013

Hmmm to do Empties posts or Favorites posts? I think I'll stick with the empties. It enables my compulsive traits to keep track of trash.

Empties July and August 2013 | Shiloh's Taste #makeup #clinique #empties

You may notice there's a lot of Clinique love going on in this photo. It's just a coincidence really that I finished a lot of their products these last two months. And then I went and picked that same color background that matches their packaging...not even thinking. 

So yeah, I'm liking the empties idea and I'm going to roll with it for awhile. These are all my favorites because I liked them enough to finish them before the expired.

Let's talk Clinique first since I already brought them up. They're known for being hypoallergenic, and that's not a necessity for me. I've just always liked the packaging. I'm completely drawn to floral prints.  

Empties July and August 2013 | #clinique #beauty #makeup #empties

From left to right:
1. this is a sample of the Last Doubling Mascara. It was created to replace my favorite, Long Pretty Lashes, that was discontinued. Miss it.
2. the Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base is an excellent primer if you have redness. It's green. If I don't have any major blemishes, it's nice to put this on by itself. Of course, they just launched a line of primers in the last two weeks and now there are two options. 
3. this was my second purchase of the Redness Solutions Foundation in calming alabaster-01. I think it's great for a 4-5 hour wear time. It slides all over and ends up collecting around blackheads. 
4. this is their mini mascara for lower lashes. fun! wish there were more formulas.
5. Clarifying Lotion 1. used in my travel kit. I can go between 1 and 2...
6. the Rinse Off Eye Makeup Solution is nice, doesn't contain oil
7. Happy perfume. eh I have purchased this many times...this one was a gift. I think I've finally grown out of this scent. Right now I like Billionaire Boyfriend.
8. Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream. This was the third or fourth container I've purchased. It's excellent. Quite soothing. I wish it was sold in a bigger container and less expensive. In a perfect world, right?
9. Superfine Brow Liner in soft brown. What is this with everyone being afraid of brow pencils? This one is so small, it IS the perfect choice to draw brows and mimic hairs. And I'm always getting compliments. Like once every other week. This brow liner is perfection. I've purchased this so many times I've lost count. Don't be afraid.

I use the Biore scrub three times a week. It has 2% salicylic acid which is great for black heads. I already purchased this again.

The Stress Relief body wash was a stocking stuffer and had a nice scent, but I'm over spending oodles of cash for soap. I'd rather spend it on really nice perfume.

Really really sad that two OPI Lacquers are in this post. My most favorite color, Dancing in the Isles, may be irreplaceable. (I just found it at Makeup Alley!!) Dulce de Leche is a really beautiful nude and I can't decide if I'm going to buy it again. I like nude shoes and nails. Anything to look long and lean, I tell ya!

Happy Labor Day!