Sunday, October 6, 2013

Empties September 2013

Once again, another month has come to an end, and I'm sharing my used up beauty product. Empties!

Empties September 2013 | Shiloh's Taste

September 2013 was a really difficult month for my family and me. We lost a family member to colon cancer. He was 37. We will miss you, Heath Barkley

On to the empties.
1. I should have just thrown away the two tablespoons of Deep Cleansing Emergency Mask that were left in this tube, but NOOOO, I can't waste anything. Well, this mask has been discontinued by Clinique. That's how old it is, and yes, the skin on my chin and around my nose was irritated after I used it, to put it lightly.

2. Finished up this tiny travel size of antibacterial gel from Bath and Body Works. I usually use these after I floss my teeth in the car.

3. This Volumizing Dry Shampoo from Big Sexy Hair works really well. It does have a white powder cast if you spray too much too close to your hair. Watch out! This video made me buy it:

4. Yay! Finished up another lip gloss. Not trying to finish any lip products anymore. Using them naturally based on my look for the day.

5. I really liked this hairspray from Suave. I think I'll purchase it again when I'm finished with the one I'm using now.

6. Repairwear Intensive Night Cream. Amazeballs. Would love to purchase this again, but too much $$$.

7. They're Real by Benefit. Eh. Ok. It's very wet. Kinda messy. I will never buy the full size. This was a freebie.

8. This Bobbi Brown item is an eyeliner (felt tip liquid kind of thing). I bought it right before I had the courage to purchase a gel eyeliner and brush. The chick at the counter warned me. It is one of the worst makeup purchases I've ever made. It was limited edition.

9. I absolutely love this straightening balm. It's Straight Away by Fredric Fekkai. This is the third tube I've used. I ordered it online because sephora and ulta stopped carrying it. My BFF bought this for me on a whim many Christmases ago because she knows I love fancy beauty products. Love her! 

10. Sample of Carven

11. This is a toner from Clinique. It's called Clarifying Lotion and I use #2 (combination skin.) It really bothers me they all it a lotion. It's not lotion. I think we broke up. I'm now using this one from Loreal. Cheaper and my mom has used it for years (she's gorgeous, obviously.)

I will be cooking and baking it up again starting tomorrow. I've been really wanting to get in the kitchen to relieve stress. Can't wait!

Have a great week!